Sunday, 8 November 2015

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

As a loving dog owner I get asked alot of questions within my business and within my general passion for dogs. One of the most common questions I always get asked seems to be about fleas on dogs and even other pets like rabbits. The question usually is can dog fleas live on humans? The answer is YES they can but only for a very short period of time, all we have to do is wash with shampoo if they are in our hair or just have a shower and generally the fleas will be gone.
  Caring for your dog with fleas is less simple, it does help washing your pet thoroughly but one of the main treatments will be some kind of pill or spray. Sometimes if they have a bad case of fleas this can be the only way to treat the animal 100%, but in all honesty we could all do our best for our bet they still could end up having fleas.

For dogs I recommend getting Advantage Spot-On solution, click the link below to see it on Amazon
I have personally used this on my own pets and it is very affective at not only protecting but eliminating the problem of fleas. They say it should take 48 hours but when I used this after 24 hours I could no longer find any fleas and my dog was scratching alot less. For me this is the perfect solution in getting rid of fleas

If you believe you have something a bit more persistent especially a problem in getting rid of fleas for dogs with longer hair like fur then you make need something a bit more powerful

Beaphar 12 Week Protection Flea Drops for Large Dogs 6 x 1 ml
Beaphar provide 12 week flea drops that kill fleas and ticks and also provide protection for 12 weeks, this is the perfect solution if your having trouble in getting rid of fleas. This is also the solution I would use if you are worries about fleas living on humans or in your home due to the long protection

Or if you are more into natural products for your pets and dont wish to use tablets or any other methods that you think may not be healthy to your dog we offer you this free eBook on 6 Natural Remedies For Fleas For Your Dog

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